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Advance Your Career And Holiday Cheer

Updated: Mar 1

Especially for those students that have on-campus jobs, the holiday season can be bitter sweet. Sure, you might have the opportunity to travel, visit home, or participate in experiences that a usual class schedule won’t permit. However, that extra freedom also comes with a price: your paycheck.

Those winter months are the perfect time to take advantage of seasonal jobs, but don’t just get any seasonal job; tailor any short-term position that you pick to your long-term goals. If you want to work in banking, find a seasonal position that is frequented by professionals in that industry. Leverage your spare time in favor of your career goals.

Additionally, many companies hire the best, most dependable seasonal workers for full-time positions after the holidays. If you get a short-term job, display an excellent work ethic; it might turn into a long-term opportunity. Even if it doesn’t, keep in mind that doing your best in your position will allow you to return to that position the following holiday season if needed.

written by Jessica Fields

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