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April Fools!

Another personal favorite holiday, April Fool’s Day is the perfect opportunity to have a little bit of harmless fun with your peers, and, if company policy permits, especially your coworkers. There are really two types of prankers: those who consider pranks to be fun and innocent, and those who like to make the day as difficult as possible for those around them. I obviously fall into the latter category.

I was able to pull one of my personal favorite pranks on a few peers two years ago when I purposely registered their personal email addresses for different services. For instance, it’s always fun to subscribe someone to the campaign email list of their least favorite politician. My choice was to sign my friends up for a service that sent them an email every thirty seconds for the entire day.

For people that are seriously devoted to their pranks and not afraid of a lawsuit with a little extra money on their hands, I highly recommend hiring a towing company to move friends’ cars to the far side of the parking lot. If your friends are a little bit more gullible, you can even just move the car yourself with a spare key.

written by Turner B. Johnson and Jessica Fields

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