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Working New Year's

Everyone looks forward to New Year’s Eve (though maybe not the broken New Year’s resolutions that follow), and it’s always frustrating when you end up getting scheduled to work while everyone else is celebrating. This year, I ended up having to work until just a little bit before the ball drop; having a plan in place helped me to balance working with celebrating with friends.

It was important for me to remember that even though working put a damper on my celebration, my friends and I were still able to spend time together. We had a plan in place for them to pick me up straight from work and head downtown to catch some fireworks at midnight. That way even though I did miss some parties and didn’t get to participate in every part of NYE, I did get to be a part of celebrating with my city.

For future reference, it’s never too late to celebrate! If you have to work through the night and don’t get to catch any public events, there’s nothing wrong with setting off fireworks and drinking champagne whenever you do get off, or even the next night! Don’t let work ruin your opportunity to have fun- especially with good friends, being late to celebrate is better than letting the holiday pass you by.

written by Macy Cochran and Jessica Fields

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