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Posted by T. Johnson

Each project can have up to a total of 7 people. If more people are needed it is best to break the project into smaller parts. We do require each person involved with a project to be listed to allow for proper credit and auditing records.

Each participant is required to provide:

First Name, Last Name, Organization, Email Address, and a Phone Number.

  • The person's first name and last name should be their legal name.

  • The organization would be the organization in which the individual is primarily affiliated with or works.

  • The phone number should be a personal or work number with their direct extension provided.

Project Participant Levels

Each project is assigned a project lead and co-lead by the system to ensure that a person with our affiliates and leadership is engaged in the approval and management of all projects.

The Project Coordinator is the person that is in charge of the success of the project.

Members 1-4 are all individuals that may work on the entire project or specialize in one part of the project. These people are not ranked, but the number system is used to allow for our system to easily assign and post in their information.

*The email address of each participant is required at the time that the project is submitted for approval. Adding a person after the project has been approved or submitted for approval is strictly prohibited.